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Trendy storefront doors or windows can add a fashionable look to your commercial building. Available in different styles and sizes, storefront doors can be custom made to fit your building specifications.

Storefronts can be either frameless glass storefronts or aluminum storefronts, making for perfect entry doors and windows complementing the style and decor of your residential or commercial building. Custom aluminum storefronts are classy architectural enclosures that specifically meet your needs and give a timeless look.

At Awesome Glass & Metal, Inc., we can create and install storefront systems perfectly complementing the existing architecture of the building. We are experts in handling storefronts of any size, ranging from big departmental stores to a mom and pop shop, and use highest quality glass and aluminum materials and the finest craftsmanship available.


  • Awesome Glass & Metal, Inc. installs aluminum and frameless glass walls, glass wall systems, glass partitions,and glass dividers for homes and offices.  Glass walls can be installed with swing, bi-folding or sliding glass door and be either fixed or retractable (movable).

    Type of Glass

    • Smart/Switchable
    • Laminated
    • Architectural
    • Clear
    • Frosted
    • Patterned
    • Tinted
    • Sandblasted
    • Art
    • V-Grooved


Curtain wall is an exterior non-structural glass facade which provides building with a modern architectural design. It enables thorough light penetration and protection from weather elements.

Glass Doors & Entrances

Are you looking for a glass door or an entrance system for your residential or commercial building? When you need to create a dramatic entrance or add visual appeal to your building entrance in the New York area, think of Awesome Glass & Metal, Inc..  We offer all kinds of entrance door solutions to cater to your needs, keeping in mind functionality, aesthetics, and safety.

We design automatic doors, balancing doors, revolving doors, sliding doors, herculite glass doors, and storefront doors that complement the architectural style and flow of your building. While designing entrance systems using glass and other metal products, we make sure they offer maximum safety during normal times as well as in the event of panic or emergency.

Our engineers create glass doors and glass entrance systems that can bear heavy traffic while enhancing the appeal of your building décor. At Awesome Glass & Metal, Inc., we make efficient use of glass and metal to create the perfect complement to any façade, which will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  • Interior doors
  • Exterior doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Balanced doors
  • Herculite glass doors
  • Patio doors
  • Revolving doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Storefront doors
  • Storm Door

Glass Canopy

Glass canopy has become the latest craze in the exterior decoration market and are especially being lapped by office decorators, as they add an edgy, modern twist to the architectural design of a building. The aluminum and glass awning is generally added to the entrance of a building to provide cover from inclement weather for visitors or guests stuck outside the building. Its great efficacy lies in its being completely impervious to all kinds of weather.

Being transparent, glass and metal canopy also allows enough sunlight to light up a place, improving the overall appearance and design of your building. Allow natural light fill up the space beyond the house while ensuring that the glass canopy looks snazzy and cool at the same time. Generally transparent and clear glass is preferred; however, if you are feeling more adventurous, stained or tinted glass is the way to go.


At Awesome Glass & Metal, Inc., our engineers have years of experience of installing glass canopies to add a sleek and modern look to the design of your building, besides helping it withstand rough weather.

Sliding Doors

Safe and easy to use, sliding doors can open up space in the room. Popularly used as room dividers, closet doors, office partitions, wall slide doors, sliding doors solve space problems in commercial and residential buildings.

Durable, safe, and sturdy, sliding entrance doors come in standard size and patterns and can even be custom designed. These types of doors are manufactured with two or more sashes, sliding to the left or right horizontally. Based on a ride over mechanism, sliding doors are ideal choices for offices, commercial buildings, while these are increasingly being used in residential spaces as well. Made of glass and reinforced with steel, sliding doors offer excellent sound and thermal insulation.

With a stunning choice of frame finishes, door patterns, and glass types, sliding doors can be constructed wider or taller, depending on the setting. Awesome Glass & Metal, Inc. engineers take pride in being master technicians in creating custom sliding door entrances in different styles and designs.

Glass & Aluminum Railing Systems

Add a modern look to your building and improve its value with thick, sturdy glass railings. The fine finishing and transparent nature of glass railings provides a sense of greater space, as light is reflected through them. Commonly used in restaurants, offices, public places, malls and other buildings, glass railings are highly in demand as they are made from highly resistant material and are extremely durable and free from corrosion.

At Awesome Glass & Metal, Inc., we take pride in creating both modular and custom glass railings, meeting the established structural requirements.  Whether you are looking for decorating your residential or commercial space, we are specialists in designing and installing structural glass railings, aluminum railings, and stainless steel railings.


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